Google Calendar web tweaks make it easier to create robust events

Google has announced another change to its Calendar app, enabling users to add more details to their event listings. This change follows the improvements to Google Calendar's event creation option first introduced last year, which involved new scheduling features, additional fields in the pop-up creation box such as 'Description' and 'Location,' and more.

Google announced its latest Calendar update today, July 13, on its G Suite blog. According to the company, Google Calendar users can now add additional details for events directly from the pop-up box, including adding attachments, granting permissions to guests, and customizing the events with things like color and visibility.

Calendar users have a number of options when creating events, including giving the event a title and color, determining its visibility, adding guests and locations for events, showing how busy the event creator is, adding notifications for the event, and other rather extensive options. As of this latest change, Google makes it possible to add attachments, set permissions, and customize things like notifications from the pop-up dialog.

As well, Google says that it has improved Calendar's 'Find a Time' feature as it appears in the pop-up box, showing users things like calendars belonging to possible guests in order to help figure out the ideal time for everyone. This ultimately brings all the most useful features together in the same window, cutting down on how long it takes to add and customize events.

These new abilities will automatically arrive in Google Calendar for the Web, according to Google, which says that it started rolling out the feature today for rapid release domains. The complete rollout will take three or so days from July 23 onward for scheduled release domains. All G Suite customers will have access to these changes.